Welcome to Module 8

module ຍີນດີຕ້ອນຮັບເຂົ້າສູ້ບົດຮຽນທີ 8

Inclusive Teaching and Learning with Free and Low Cost Supplies

ການຮຽນ-ການສອນວຽກງານການສຶກສາຮຽນຮ່ວມ ແລະ ການຜະລິດສື່ ການຮຽນ-ການສອນ ທີ່ມີມູນຄ່າຖືກ

By Kirsten Haugen, MA
This module shares how and why to use free and low cost materials for teaching and learning. As an example, it shows how to use bottle caps or stones to learn several math concepts, and how to adapt the math materials and activities for students with specific learning differences and needs.

You will learn to:

  1. Name four or more free or low cost supplies you can use for teaching and learning.
  2. Describe three or more benefits of using free and low cost supplies.
  3. Describe four or more ways to teach basic math concepts with free or low cost supplies.
  4. Describe ways to adapt materials, activities, and the classroom environment to help students with disabilities meet specific learning goals.


First, we are going to do a test to see how much you know about the topics in this Module. We will do the test at the beginning of the module to see what you already know, and at the end of the module to see what new information you have learned. This helps us to measure how successful this module is in training you.